Fashion Tips for Petite Women


Photo by Clarke Sanders on Unsplash

Do you happen to be of a height at which t-shirts look more like short dresses? Or how about pants that drag on the ground every time you walk? If either of those describe you, then here are some suggestions that you may find useful for adding to your current wardrobe.

Tip #1 : Crop Tops


Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

They can essentially function as a regular shirt for the fun-sized folk out there (such as myself). And just like that, no more shirts that hang just a little too far down. Whether said crop tops are loose fitting or more tightly snug, they can be the perfect pairing with whatever jeans you’ve selected for the day.

Tip #2: (Petite) High Waisted Jeans


Photo by MacD Terrence Mohlala:

Paired with a crop top, you’ve got an outfit that works more with your frame than against it. Furthermore, there are many types of high waisted jeans (of course not all) that don’t drag on the ground like their regular-length counterparts.

Tip #3: Skinny Jeans


Photo by Monstera Production:

For many people, the average pair of jeans may extend just a little too far down and drag on the ground. For those who don’t take too kindly to the bottoms of their pants legs being frayed (and if you’re okay with the style of skinny jeans), trying out some skinny jeans could be the answer. With the bottoms of the legs fitting snugly around the ankles, you can walk around without a worry in the world for how your jeans will end up looking by the end of the day.