Natural Hair Tools to Spruce Up Your Hair Routine


Photo by alex starnes on Unsplash

Everyone loves ease. When it comes to haircare especially, ease can make the difference between a stress filled routine and a routine that makes hair styling a joyful occasion. Hair tools play a huge part in that, so if you happen to be looking for something to supplement your current routine, consider picking up one of these tools that we recommend for a simpler regimen.

YGN Satin Puff Pull

The puff is a classic go-to natural hairstyle when you’re looking for a neat updo, or when  you’re just looking for a quick style that will carry you throughout the day. That’s where the YGN Satin Puff Pull comes into play. This flexible hair tool comes with a draw string that allows its user to adjust according to their liking. No more cutting up pairs of stockings to get the job done.

Silk Scrunchies

If you’re not careful, the scrunchies traditionally used for keeping the hair tied back can pull at and even yank out hair strands more than wanted. However, with silk scrunchies, your hair strands can be secure from the tugging and pulling bound to take place otherwise.

Silk Pillowcases

No one likes dry hair, or things that dry our hair out. And your usual pillowcases, can most certainly do such a thing. That’s where satin pillow cases come into play. Whether you prefer to wear scarves or go bare-headed, you can be assured that your strands won’t be rubbing against the harsh surface of a cotton pillow case.

Butterfly Clips

Not everyone chooses to section their hair while detangling on wash day, but if you do, some butterfly clips might be up your alley. Meant to keep a secure hold on some parts of your hair as you work through others, these handy little items are useful for reducing frustration that can come with trying to work through your hair all at once.

Swirly Curly

Also useful for puffs (as well as other hairstyles that require a hold) is the Swirly Curly. Unlike YGN, it’s a hair styling tool where each end clips together (instead of there being a drawstring). It allows for flexibility with the number of times you’re able to wrap it around your hair while securing your style.

Since the start of the natural hair movement, hair styling has evolved to make the process smoother. With the hair tools mentioned above, you can take your hair care/styling regimen to the next level and destine yourself for a routine full of ease and comfort.